Debt is a problem that many people face

According to the latest Credit Checker report published in November 2018, a statistical Pole aged 18-64 has 1.6 obligations to regulate, for which he would have to spend 2 years of income. It is difficult to get out of the spiral of debt, so you should use various solutions that can help you pay off your debts.

Practically anyone who has problems with repayment can apply for installment debt. Creditors want to recover their debts, which is why they often allow debtors to set new repayment conditions. In addition to writing an installment debt application, many lenders offer other forms of assistance, such as extending repayment terms or consolidating loans.

What debts can be divided into installments?

What debts can be divided into installments?

Poles have debt not only in loan companies and banks but also in other institutions. Therefore, an installment repayment letter may also be written in the case of:

  • Outstanding social security contributions – the exception is retirement and health insurance for employees, which must be covered immediately. The installment agreement is concluded in the form of a civil law agreement.
  • Tax arrears – due to the taxpayer’s important interest, you can apply for payment in installments and apply for interest write-offs.
  • Receivables in a housing cooperative – rent arrears can be divided into installments according to the rules specified in the regulations of a given housing cooperative.

Creditors can agree to spread the debt into installments after writing a debt repayment statement. It is a declaration in which the debtor undertakes to pay the debts within a specified period. Such a statement also prevents bailiff enforcement when there has been an amicable agreement between the debtor and the creditor.

How to write an application for spreading the debt into installments?

How to write an application for spreading the debt into installments?

Preparation of the application is not difficult, but you must remember to keep the document’s formal form. Such a letter may be submitted directly to the creditor or debt collection company if the procedure has already been initiated. The application should include:

  • place and date,
  • heading,
  • details of the debtor and creditor,
  • a sentence asking for payment in installments,
  • information on the state of debt,
  • repayment offer,
  • substantiation,
  • signature.

The letter should be sent by post with acknowledgment of receipt. It is also allowed to send it to an e-mail or take it directly to the creditor. A specimen application can be found on the internet.

How to write a justification for the application?

A positive consideration of the application largely depends on its proper justification. It should describe in detail your situation and the reasons why it is not possible to repay the entire debt in its current form. This can be, for example, an illness that prevents you from working, loss of employment, important random events or the need to cover high medical costs. The letter should be accompanied by documents that can confirm the circumstances contained in the application.

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