Consolidate your monthly payments through credit redemption


Credit consolidation: how to consolidate your different monthly payments? When you have taken out several loans, grouping loans, formerly called credit grouping, considerably facilitates the management of its repayments.

A credit consolidation consists of consolidating several credits (several debts if applicable) subscribed into one and the same credit. And this, whatever the nature of the loans: consumer credit, overdraft, home loan, family or tax debts or even credits linked to store cards.

It therefore allows, when you have to pay several monthly payments to different lenders, to collect all its repayments in one and the same monthly payment to a single lender.


The Benefits of Credit Consolidation

Credit Consolidation

You only have one contact, one monthly payment, one fixed rate and one credit duration. This greatly simplifies the daily management of your loans, transformed into a single credit.

You adapt your monthly payments to your income. If you extend the repayment period, you repay more slowly, which allows you to decrease your new monthly payment.

You can thus adjust your reimbursements according to your new situation,

You choose the date of withdrawal of your monthly payments. Depending on the payment dates and withdrawals from your account, you choose the best date to pay your monthly payment,

You can possibly finance new projects, after study of your file by Agree Bank Credit, in certain cases, it depends on the subscription dates and the conditions of the credits subscribed, you can benefit from an interest rate lower than that subscribed to. time of your loan.


Credit consolidation conditions

Credit consolidation conditions

Credit consolidation formulas offer maximum flexibility:

The amount of credit groupings offered by Agree Bank Credit vary between 10,000 dollars and 400,000 dollars ,
The reimbursement is made over a period of 12 to 300 months.

2 credit consolidation offers are available depending on your financial situation:

  1. If you are a tenant, Agree Bank Credit buys – after examining your file – all of your consumer loans for an amount varying between 10,000 dollars and 80,000 dollars .
  2. If you are a homeowner and wish to include a mortgage in your credit consolidation, Agree Bank Credit can offer you a consolidation of your mortgage up to 400,000 dollars .

To design your tailor-made credit group, make a simulation and get a basic answer in just a few minutes.

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